Through you can book a private RT-PCR Covid-19 test.
We perform tests in Århusgade 155, 2150 Nordhavn.

Book a Coronattest and get tested for Covid-19 without waiting.
You will receive an answer to your PCR Covid-19 test no later than 06:00 – However, you can often expect an answer before midnight.

Book a coronatest without waiting, and have a private PCR Covid-19 test performed
– Answer no later than 06:00 – However, you can often expect an answer before midnight.

You will find the private test center in Århusgade 155, 2150 Nordhavn.

The price for a private PCR Covid-19 test is DKK 595,-


Why a private Corona test?
And why a PCR Covid-19 test via

We know how important it is that employees, colleagues, friends and family do not go into uncertainty for several days.

It often takes several days from ordering a Covid-19 test from the public sector, and further several days before you have an answer to your corona test.

With a private Corona test of the same PCR type as the public one uses, as well as WHO recommends, we can give you an answer within 24 hours after the test.

All tests are run after an inoculation to an approved laboratory in Odense which performs the analysis for us, after which you receive a test answer.

That way, you, your employee, colleagues or family members with a negative test result can once again quickly return to a normal everyday life.

Follow the link below and fill out the order form.

We send an email with a booking receipt. You must show the barcode on your receipt when you arrive at the test center in Aabenraa and in Forum, Copenhagen from your smartphone or printed receipt.

NOTE: If the certificate is to be used as a travel certificate / corona passport in connection with travel, make sure that your info matches your passport.
(It is not a requirement with a Danish CPR number to get a travel certificate.)

We point out that, as a rule, you must wait 4 days after potential infection contact before the first test.
If you are in doubt about whether you should be tested, you can contact us.
In addition, we refer to the Danish Health and Medicines Authority’s recommendations.

Where is the test performed?

The private Covid-19 test center are located Århusgade 155, 2150 Nordhavn.

All tests are analyzed at an external laboratory in Odense.

With easy access conditions and plenty of space, we have the framework to perform Covid-19 tests.

The center are independent center but we have chosen to collaborate under

In addition to the testcenter in Forum, we also perform tests at companies – Contact us for further dialogue.

In connection with a Covid-19 test, we can also issue an approved travel certificate for eg business travel
Note that it is not a requirement to have a CPR number to have a Covid-19 test performed.

Facts about

  • Answer no later than 06:00 – Often answers before midnight!
  • RT-PCR analysis method – Same type as in the public sector
  • No CPR number requirement
  • The test is recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO)
  • CE-IVD approved
  • Analyzed externally at Amplexa’s laboratory in Odense
  • Personal certificate is sent per. mail which can be used for travel activity